Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ruby's New Big Girl Bed!!

Part of the fun of moving is getting to have a fresh start and in this case getting to redecorate a bit. I was eager to pick out a bed for Ruby that could really grow and evolve with her for years to come and picking the bedding was easy and my favorite part!! We had a full-size bed at our home in California but I wasn't sold on the rose gold style so I folded and went with the coveted Jenny Lind bed from Crate and Kids! The bed has exceeded my expectations - super happy with the investment. Fast forward to the cozy part of the puzzle - bedding! I was searching for something that wouldn't be hard to make the bed every day since we had to place the bed up against the wall in order to make the room more functional. 

Beddy's is so practical. Bedding that fits like a big sheet, so much elastic and so easy to unzip from both sides. I don't know if I'm more excited that I can make the bed in seconds or that Ruby can help me with it. 

I decided on the Dash set with the Spotted blanket. I a couple of fun pillows for a polished look that is still easy for Ruby to make. I have to say, that I'm thrilled with how the bed turned out!

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