Friday, October 19, 2018

All of the Lights with Lamps Plus!

It's all in the little details. 

I have been dreaming about how I'd style our first home for years. Lighting and accessories have always been important to me. A way to truly share what you love in your home with guests when they come over. It's amazing how updating a fixture or adding the perfect mirror that you LOVE can change a room instantly My husband thought I was crazy for wanting to change out EVERY light fixture in the house but after renting for over a decade you start to dream about all of the things you'd make your own. Here is a peek at what we chose for our home from Lamps Plus!

Welcoming Entry:

Would you believe me if my entire entryway design and layout started with one big ole beautiful mirror? No joke! I fell in love with this beautiful matte black round number and HAD to add it to the wall. Drumroll, please.... THE Mayfair Matte Black Round Mirror is what you need. Everyone needs one!

Operation switch out every light builder grade boob light fixture: 

This became really exciting when I found exactly what I wanted at an affordable price at Lamps Plus. I decided to switch the boob lights to a clean schoolhouse style light, the Schoolhouse Nickle Opaque Light and we seriously couldn't be happier. We will show you how those turned out in a later blog post once we do the full home review (so stay tuned and check back in) but for now I'm sharing a few of my favorite items we chose.

A touch of glam for Ruby: 

For little miss Ruby, I decided to go glam and added a fancy and went with a brass chandelier, the Kichler Armstrong 6 light. This fixture was the perfect addition to Ruby's room - it's just SO good. She loves it, I love it and my husband loves that we added a dimmer because dang was it was BRIGHT!!

The perfect white lamps:

As scrolled and scrolled online looking the insane amounts of options  (I'm talking hours or research and adding the product to the cart only to stare at my shopping cart for weeks without any decision making)  I also fell in love with lamps, lots of tabletop lamps. I decided on some beautiful basic tall Gourd style lamps with the perfect touch of gold. If you can't tell yet, I'm not afraid of some gold. The Lulu white and brass gourd lamps are the perfect addition to any room, no matter the vibe so we opted for lots of them. They say when you love something set it free. In this case, we loved them so much we added them throughout our home!!

Master bedroom lighting that finally makes me feel like an adult: 

I didn't truly feel like an adult until my master bedroom had matching lamps that were substantial and made me feel like my room was created from what we wanted instead of the misc goods you grabbed on a clearance end cap. Who's with me? ha! I know, I know.. I'm so silly but I had goals for this home and I wanted to run with them and make decisions to finalize accessories and all of our lighting. The Vickery stacked marble table lamp is GOALS. Holy Moly does this lamp make me happy. It's incredibly beautiful and just the touch we needed to pull the room together. Goodbye tiny mismatched lamps on our nightstands and hello timeless marble table lamps. Swoon.

If I have learned one thing during this lighting consumption it's that you should really get what you love and splurge a bit so that you will have these items long term instead of buying something you're less thrilled about only to pick something new in a year. Save up and love what you put in your home whenever possible.

Keeping it Real:

While this was a product trade collaboration with Lamps Plus. The opinions are my own. I share what I love!! 

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