Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My favorite items to order on Milk and Eggs!!


What is Milk and Eggs you say? Well, it's just about the best website for anyone - espeically busy parents!!

I'm sure some of you are currently rolling your eyes thinking, - she can't go to the grocery store?

Of course, I can and I love to. Scratch that, I loved to grocery shop before adding a million tasks to my daily life including spending time with my busy bee toddler and running a business from home with tons of emails, conference calls oh and that laundry, does it ever stop?!! I hope that I've nicely made my point, lol. Life is busy and if I can check one thing off my list while getting extremely fresh produce, some of Ruby's favorite snacks, mamas cold brew (oh yes, that is a huge selling point) and the most delicious pasta in all of Los Angeles delivered to my door - why wouldn't I.

Que the happy dance, now let's get to my favorites.. Here we go!

Our weekly order looks a little something like this.

Avocados or "coco's" as Ruby calls them.
Cheese sticks
Bread Lounge Multi Grain Braid - hellooo Avo toast
Almond Butter - Our go-to for pre-school lunches
Stumptown Cold Brew - mama fuel!
Almond Milk
Avocado Oil - for all cooking and to make our favorite Banana Bread

In addition, we also order lots of other seasonal veggies, chicken, sometimes shrimp and some other locally made LA goods. 

If you're in the areas of delivery you should  NEED to give it a shot and order. Becuase I love you - here is a code that you can use for $15 off $35 or more. Just add "rubymakesthree" when checking out! Happy Shopping.

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