Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Toddler Travel Essentials

In true mom fashion, it took me months to get you my toddler travel essentials. That's right, I'm a total slacker but give me a break... I work full time and I enjoy spending my time with Ruby! I know it's an excuse but that's why I'm just now giving you my Hawaii and Toddler Travel Essentials and recap from our Kawaii family vacation.

Let's get straight to it. I'm going to list my top 10 favorite travel products and why I love them!!

1. Itzy Ritzy Handled Wet Bags: If you don't have any of these Travel Wet Bags you are doing something wrong. Ha! I'm kidding but really, these bags have made all areas of our life more organized and easier to clean, store. I'm always prepared. If you don't have any I highly suggest getting a few ASAP!

2. Tegu Magnetic Blocks: the best invention ever and so perfect for travel. We used them on the plane, in the car, at meals and by the pool.. one of the best toy options you can travel with!

3. Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack: Ruby absolutely loved having her own bag full of her stuff. It was perfect for her toys, snacks and a lightweight blanket to snuggle on the plan. Plus it frees up a bit of space in mama's bag in case she wants to bring a book or magazine. Plus, a miniature person wearing a unicorn bag?! What's not to love about that!! So darn cute.

4. California Baby Sunscreen: Pretty much the best sunscreen you're going to find. Since we live in California I've used my fair share on sunscreen and this is my favorite. Plus is smells incredible and doesn't irritate Ruby's skin or eyes. It's a mama essential for me.

5. Blabla Kids Coverlet: This Cactus coverlet is SO perfect for travel and making sure your little one is comfortable even when traveling. Taking a piece of him with you is so important, especially when it comes to something related to sleep. Not to mention this brand is one our favorites, we are collecting the beautiful knit dolls and pillows. I highly suggest Blabla for any future gift needs and all bedding for your babe, so so soft and cozy!

6. Pipcorn: delicious mini popcorn that is SO perfect for tiny snacking hands. I tried to convince Ruby to share but she's such a popcorn lover she ate most of it. Note to parents traveling to Hawaii - take as many snacks and non-perishable food items you can. It's amazing how fast you go trough everything and it's extremely expensive to buy food there. I was happy that I stocked up on her favorites.

7. Re-play Snack Stacks: These stacking cups are so perfect for travel. I packed them with fresh fruit and other foods for our flight then washed them when we arrived at our timeshare and continued to use them throughout the trip. So much easier and more practical than plastic bags. I through them all in our wet bag (shown above) with an ice pack and we had an on-the-go cooler, it was perfect for Ruby's snack attacks.

8. DockAtot Grand in Minty Trellis: To sum it up in a short review - you NEED this! I can't believe we ever lived without it. I'm bummed I didn't get the deluxe for when Ruby was just a tiny babe but I'm so thankful we've had the grand. So you want to know what I use it for?!
Well, traveling of course! It was a dream to be able to pop this out of the bag lay in down on the floor next to our bed and she was as safe as can be and so cozy. We took it on two trips back to back and she became to use to sleeping in it, it's not in her crib that we transitioned to a toddler bed. So it's getting its fair share of use. It's so easy to wash the cover and move around the house so she can get cozy anyplace, anytime. Basically, if you travel or have a toddler that is transitioning out of a crib - you need this!

9. DockAtot Travel Bag: This "On-the-Go" Transport Bag may seem like you could take it or leave it but that is not the case. It's a mandatory item if you will be traveling and if you're lucky (like I was multiple times) the airline might let this pass as a baby item and not charge you the luggage fee.

10. UPPABaby G-LUXE: Our newest set of wheels! I was ecstatic to give this a spin and take it on our trip to Kawaii. If you didn't know we're a UPPABaby fam bam over here. I mean, I was pushing around our Vista before Ruby was even born like a crazy lady. I just love the brand, quality and the values that UB stands for! Any company that is family owned, has a mission to make the smartest goods, design for the modern family and not comprise function is a stand-up company to me.

And after being continuously impressed with our VISTA we decided that it was time to give the G-LUXE a try. You guys, it's such a high-quality umbrella stroller! Coming from a try consumer (who already bought a "travel" stroller and was totally unimpressed. Let's just say that Ub will always be my go-to brand for my family, gifting and my number one suggestion to anyone who asks, what stroller I buy?

Those are my essentials and go to's that I loved having with me. I'm sure as time ticks our essentials will change but it makes me happy to know that I found what works for us and that I could possibly help another mama out there who is most likely over packing and stressing out about upcoming travel.

Don't worry mama, you got this! And if all else fails, pull out Moana on the iPad and get out the snacks. All rules go out the window when you're on a plane kids! 

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