Thursday, December 1, 2016

How To Prep for Holiday Cards - 3 easy steps!

Curating your perfect Holiday card can be challenging so I've put together my 3 steps to assist you in achieving the card of your dreams! 

How to Prep for Holiday Cards in 3 easy steps -

1. Pick your card first!
Some might think that's a little OCD but it's not. When you go online and look at the vast options of cards you'll quickly be drawn to what you love and what you'd ideally like to send out to your family and friends. My tip is to narrow it down to 3-4 cards you love. This will make your photographer's job a breeze too, since you know what you want!

2. What to wear!?!
Dress in neutrals and have fun mixing patterns. If I had one tip in what to wear it would be - don't match! It's important not to lose anyones personal style when capturing family photos. You can easily mix and match neutral colors, textures and patterns without clashing.

3. Find a neutral backdrop! (or in my case a bright pink wall. lol)
But seriously, the more options you have with a neutral background the more fun you can have with the card design and minted has plenty of options to chose from! I love all of the foils, embossed designs and bright pops of color! Easily something for everyones style.

It's as easy as that! Pick your card design first so you know what  style of photos and backdrops you need and want to make your card pop! You'll most likely enjoy the shoot more now that you have most of the details ironed our prior. Have fun and enjoy capturing these memories!

Now it's time to head over to and pick your favorite card designs!!

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