Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Keeping your car clean

Getting organized when you have a little one is so important. Especially in the car if you're always on-the-go. We got a new car last year and I'm still struggling with how to keep it clean consistently with a little one in tow.

Let me just back up and tell you that before having Ruby, my car was impeccable! No joke, I washed it weekly and it was clutter free and crumb free. Well not anymore!! Now I have cheerios in every nook and cranny of our car and way too many figurines sippy cups, it's insane!  I had to get it in control and after a detail, I wanted to make sure we have accessories that would help keep our car in tip top shape.

I'm was excited to hear about Skip hop's new car accessories and I eagerly jumped at the chance to try them out.  Let's start with the Style Driven Car Storage Box - it's the perfect way to stay organized in the car. I stock it with snacks and toys that I change out here and there so Ruby doesn't get bored. We spend lots of time in traffic since we live in LA and I love to have a fun toy or snack for our long car rides in traffic. Since I'm always restocking it, I love that you can easily transport it with the built in handles.

With all the California Sun we need the protector so shield the sun from coming into the car. These chevron sun shades are modern and sleek. I couldn't wait to get then up in the car. I gifted a set to my girlfriend that just had a baby, she didn;t have any sun shades on her registry but I took it upon myself to include a set with her gift. #momfriend - I honestly couldn't recommend the Style Driven Window Shades more!

If you have a baby, you most likely have a mirror for your little babe in your backseat. I've had one since before Ruby was born that I picked up on Amazon but it was not the best qualitly. I mean, it was perfect for all the funny faces that we made to each other while I was stopped at a light but it didn't stay on very well. No matter how much I tighten it, it always slid down and I had to mess with it daily. - not ideal at all.

Needless to say.. I'm in love with our new mirror because it actually stays on!  The easy angle pivot is excellent and it holds so that I can see my girl in the back. I'm one happy mama with a car full of no-fuss goodies to keep our car organized!

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