Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween has come and gone and everyone is focused on the Holiday's ahead (Hello Thanksgiving + Christmas) but I had to take one last look at our Halloween photos with our little kitty and share them with you.

This was Ruby's first time trick-or-treating. It was so fun to watch her go up to a house and quickly figure out all she had to do as approach someone and they put candy in her little bag. lol! We decided to take her out in Pasadena. We drove over to a beautiful part of Pasadena in search of a cute quiet street where we could walk around safely and we hit the jackpot. Serious. There's a (fancy) neighborhood where they close the streets down and all the houses get so into the decoration and passing out candy - it was so fun how festive everyone was!

I didn't dress up this year but last year I was a banana and Ruby was a strawberry, it was too funny. This year we had a little kitty on our hands and she was puurfect. Who knows what she'll want to be next year. I'm going to try really hard to let her pick what she wants to dress up as every year. Can't wait to see what she'll want to be next year. Enjoy the photos of our little lady.

Hope you had a fantastic Halloween. xo!

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