Saturday, October 10, 2015

41 weeks + 3 days

Our little lady was late, ten days to be exact! Those ten days really seemed to go on forever, and EVER!

I took this photo the when I was headed to my doctor's appointment. I was hoping for good news and that the Doctor was going to tell me I was dilated and on my way to labor town, but no dice! Instead, I was told that I would be sent to the hospital that night to be induced. 

Towards the end of my pregnancy, everything seemed to be more challenging. Sleeping was hard, sitting down, just trying to get comfortable was becoming more difficult. Not to mention how often I had to go to the bathroom.... I'm sorry, but it's really crazy just how much a pregnant lady can go. I think I was averaging twelve bathroom trips nightly. 

Another frustrating thing about being passed my due date was having to answer the questions "where is that baby"? or "you STILL haven't had that baby, yet"? It seems silly, but I think if we have a second baby I'll just share the month of the due date rather than the date. 

I remember taking this photo like it was yesterday, it was the morning of the 13th, 2015 and I was headed to my doctor's appointment in hopes that I would be told I was dilated and you would be naturally going into labor at any time moment but no dice! Instead, I was told that I would be sent to the hospital that evening to be induced. It was not ideal to me, but I did enjoy knowing that I would get to meet you very soon.

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