Monday, September 28, 2015

My Pregnancy Recap

I know that most people usually track how they feel week by week or at least by trimester. Well, I was not one of those pregnant ladies. I decided to start writing down memories during my 38th week of pregnancy... I guess you could say I procrastinated, but I still felt I needed a little recap to remember some of the questions people always seem to ask! 

  • How far along when you found out the gender: 13 Weeks, 5 Days
  • Stretch marks: Yes, darn it
  • Sleep: Slept great until the last two weeks, I was pretty lucky!!
  • Best moment: Finding out we were having a baby, GIRL.
  • How did you tell your family: Most of our family lives in Oregon, and we didn’t want just to call, so I created packages with a newborn onesie and fun little cards sharing the news! We made sure to have each set of parents called us before they opened the package
  • What did you Miss the Most: spicy tuna rolls +  rosé 
  • Food cravings: First Trimester - I couldn't get enough brown rice veggie sushi rolls, I felt so healthy! // Second trimester - all I wanted was carbs, especially FRECH FRIES!
  • Anything make you queasy or sick: I really can’t think of anything now. I lucked out and didn’t get morning sickness during my pregnancy and only nauseous on a few occasions.  
  • Belly Button in or out: in
  • Wedding rings on or off:  On until the last two weeks, then sadly off 
  • Happy or Moody most of the time: Super Happy until the last week, I had a few meltdowns in the last couple of weeks. My poor husband!
  • Looked forward to the most: Meeting our baby girl and seeing what she looked like, I daydreamed of what she would look like the entire pregnancy and hoped she would have hair. 
  • Worried about the most: Labor + Breastfeeding! The uncertainty of not knowing WHEN I will go into labor and what kind of experience I will have was pretty jarring for me. But, I kept reminding myself that even if it wasn’t the birth I had planned or envisioned that it would all work out and a beautiful baby would join us. I was equally worried about breastfeeding and stressed that something would keep me from being able to nurse. I did take a breastfeeding class to get prepared and recommend it to anyone planning to breastfeed. Why wouldn't you want to get educated and have knowledge on such an amazing ability to produce milk for our baby? 

Since Ruby's Arrival:

  • The most Challenging part about being a mother thus far: Live in the moment + roll with the punches! The to-do list that you want to work on can wait! I would rather just hold Ruby while she naps. She will only be this little and cuddly once, and I can never get this time back!! 
  • Best thing so far about being a mother: The immense love! The joy that Ruby brought to my life is  incredible and overwhelming. You don't know this kind of love until it's you've become a mother. You could have told me 1,000 times how amazing it would be, and I wouldn't have believed it would be this extraordinary. 

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