Saturday, July 18, 2015

Welcome to Ruby Makes Three

Welcome to Ruby Makes Three, a lifestyle mama hood blog!

Here at Ruby Makes Three I will be capturing many firsts and memorable moments that I can share with Ruby when she's grown. You will find insights into my life as a new mama, mini style, d├ęcor inspiration, products I love, my obsession with cold brew and much more.

As I sit here writing my first introductory post, it hit me that Ruby is already three months old. THREE MONTHS! I didn't want to skip any of the special moments that have already taken place, so I will be stepping back in time for a bit with posts on my pregnancy, the gender reveal, our birth story and a few others.
Don't worry, we will be caught up in no time. After all, this is real life and I'm a new mom who is still learning to roll with the punches and remind myself that not everything can be perfect, right? 

Thanks for stopping by Ruby Makes Three, so excited you’re here!

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