Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ruby's New Big Girl Bed!!

Part of the fun of moving is getting to have a fresh start and in this case getting to redecorate a bit. I was eager to pick out a bed for Ruby that could really grow and evolve with her for years to come and picking the bedding was easy and my favorite part!! We had a full-size bed at our home in California but I wasn't sold on the rose gold style so I folded and went with the coveted Jenny Lind bed from Crate and Kids! The bed has exceeded my expectations - super happy with the investment. Fast forward to the cozy part of the puzzle - bedding! I was searching for something that wouldn't be hard to make the bed every day since we had to place the bed up against the wall in order to make the room more functional. 

Beddy's is so practical. Bedding that fits like a big sheet, so much elastic and so easy to unzip from both sides. I don't know if I'm more excited that I can make the bed in seconds or that Ruby can help me with it. 

I decided on the Dash set with the Spotted blanket. I a couple of fun pillows for a polished look that is still easy for Ruby to make. I have to say, that I'm thrilled with how the bed turned out!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

A Family day out about about with our UPPAbaby VISTA!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

The 2017 UPPAbaby VISTA and MESA combo review: We had a special delivery last week of our new UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and MESA car seat! As a soon-to-be mama of 2 it was an easy decision to go with Jake colorway, all black will help to hide the dirt and mess that kids make! I must say that all the colors are stunning and a good choice if you are a color lover, go wild! We had the grey VISTA and absolutely loved it but the neat freak in me was obsessing over trying to clean it all the time and who really has time for that?! Not this mama. I have to start by highlight the newness and updates that this 2017model has from the 2015 stroller we had with Ruby. This new model weighs only 26.3 pounds vs. the previous 2015 model - 27.5, that may seem like a slight difference but every pound counts when you're lugging a stroller in and out of a car all the time. They also updated the wheels and the canopy sunshade material is even softer. I love how easily the stroller folds and that it stands on its own. I'm also super impressed with the size of the basket below - I have seriously done a Costco trip before while pushing a sleeping baby and it was magical. I felt like super mom! ha. We also decided to go with the Jake MESA car seat for our second baby girl because we wanted to elevate any additional adapters and we needed a new Infant Car seat (why I decided to sell ours right before we found out we were expecting. What timing! lol) so it was a no-brainer for us when making the decision. It's seriously a full-on travel system - UPPAbaby seriously thinks they think of everything. The cost of the stroller is a bit more expensive than some strollers on the market but I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I'm a very busy mama running a media business from home and when I go running errands I need my gear to work with me not against me. Plus. the total cost includes so much it's not even funny. Here is what you get for the price. - Stoller - Toddler Seat - Bassinet - Bassinet storage bag - Toddler seat bug shield and rain shield - Bumper Bar When you look at all that comes with the price it's an incredible value. In addition to what comes with, we decided to upgrade the new chic leather additions. I decided that the saddle color in handlebar cover and the bumper bar cover. What you will want to be a fully prepared UPPAbaby VISTA mama on the go, here are the additions that I suggest investing in - + Piggyback ridealong - SO fun for toddlers when they don't want to sit in their seat. + Adapters to make it a double + Rumble seat to take your 2nd for a ride along + VISTA lower and upper adapters for different configurations to have 2 kids sitting at once + Snack Tray - for all the snacks on the go + Travel bag - to keep it safe and fresh when traveling. Plus, when you travel with your VISTA in the UPPAbaby bag

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My favorite items to order on Milk and Eggs!!


What is Milk and Eggs you say? Well, it's just about the best website for anyone - espeically busy parents!!

I'm sure some of you are currently rolling your eyes thinking, - she can't go to the grocery store?

Of course, I can and I love to. Scratch that, I loved to grocery shop before adding a million tasks to my daily life including spending time with my busy bee toddler and running a business from home with tons of emails, conference calls oh and that laundry, does it ever stop?!! I hope that I've nicely made my point, lol. Life is busy and if I can check one thing off my list while getting extremely fresh produce, some of Ruby's favorite snacks, mamas cold brew (oh yes, that is a huge selling point) and the most delicious pasta in all of Los Angeles delivered to my door - why wouldn't I.

Que the happy dance, now let's get to my favorites.. Here we go!

Our weekly order looks a little something like this.

Avocados or "coco's" as Ruby calls them.
Cheese sticks
Bread Lounge Multi Grain Braid - hellooo Avo toast
Almond Butter - Our go-to for pre-school lunches
Stumptown Cold Brew - mama fuel!
Almond Milk
Avocado Oil - for all cooking and to make our favorite Banana Bread

In addition, we also order lots of other seasonal veggies, chicken, sometimes shrimp and some other locally made LA goods. 

If you're in the areas of delivery you should  NEED to give it a shot and order. Becuase I love you - here is a code that you can use for $15 off $35 or more. Just add "rubymakesthree" when checking out! Happy Shopping.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bambo Nature - The last diaper you'll ever need to try!

Hey hey!! It's been so long but I'm back. Back to tell you all about the best diapers ever. So soft, eco-friendly and they are not full of chemicals. It's a total blessing. Did I mention that they don't leak either?! Or smell like fake baby perfume. I LOVE them so much and I can't wait to gift them to my friend who is having a baby next month.

Another plus about this incredible brand - you can also order wipes and skin care. I'm the classic first-time mama that has tried every "eco" and "green" skincare line. I was thrilled to use try everything but the balm and bath oil have been my personal favorite. aka - I have been using them too.

Soooo if you're on the hunt for a go-to diaper brand, do yourself a favor and order Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers right now. I promise you will love them, they are so soft and move so well with baby moving and dancing! Such a win win in our household - more dance parties and sleeping in without the worry if the diaper will hold everything in. #woohoo

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ruby's Room Refresh with Lorena Canals!

Hey, babes!! I'm so excited to share the little snippets of Ruby's room that we're working on. I really wanted to add a pop up of color with a new rug. It was so important to me that it was soft and cozy (so she could sit and play) and it's a HUGE bonus that I can throw this in the machine and wash it. I ended up ordering the large size of the Mix Flamingo Pink rug - cutest name too!

This is our third Lorena Canals rug. Clearly, we're big fans around here... and that is probably because we wash them weekly. When you have kids, being able to wash the rugs they play on is seriously key!  

Another change to her room is the addition of this chair. I wanted to make sure we had a comfortable chair to read books and unwind at the end of the day. Just a simple addition but it added another element of cozy by tossing this blanket from Lorena Canals, I just love the blush colored pompoms! I'm loving the texture it adds and when we need a blanket it's right there. A win win! 

The only thing left to really do in this room is to update her from a crib to a bed (my baby is growing up)! How many mamas went from a crib straight to a big girl bed and skipped the toddler bed?? That is what I'm leaning on. Stay tuned... 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Afternoon Tea at the Langham

Everyone should experience the tradition of afternoon tea at least once in their lifetime. I've been to the beautiful Langham a few times but never for tea.Visiting this time for tea was not only my first time every enjoying high tea but it was incredible to take a timeout with my sweet friend, Shannon. The two of us left our toddlers behind and spend a couple of much needed hours to connect and enjoy the spread of tea, fantastic variety of bites and of course - bubbles!!  

If you have a chance to visit the iconic getaway while you're in LA or even if you're a local go take the time to visit the stunning hotel and walk the beautiful grounds. Really soak it up! If you're going to be in the area anytime soon, that's okay becuase, the afternoon tea with Wedgewood is available at all Langham hotels, so you can go enjoy it in many locations! I'm